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Description of book "I am black "

Girls don't choose their groom. It is the sentence the girls often listen. Palavi reddy a 22 y/o girl, is a brilliant student , a great artist and a graceful dancer.She never knew what failure was. But right now she was going through a tough phase as her amma , abba were looking for a groom . But every family rejected her because of her dark skin colour.

Sumant , a great businessman, was also looking for a bride but he didn't find anyone worthy. For him beauty and appearance was everything. He wanted his wife to be enough chanting to suit the limelight.

What will happen when person of two entirely different mentality will be locked to spend the life together?


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Seerat Meher
14.06.2021, 22:48:40

when will u updated

Chanderika Sharma
14.06.2021, 10:58:56

What will he do ??
I am so excited to read the next chapter , please update soon ♥️.

Misbah zia
13.06.2021, 09:55:20

Please update soon...cant wait to read more about the story...

Chanderika Sharma
12.06.2021, 13:47:30

Thank you very much for the update . I really love this book , you are a good Author (✷‿✷)..

Vidya nayak
12.06.2021, 15:05:17

Chanderika Sharma, Thank you very much for your appreciation

Chanderika Sharma
12.06.2021, 14:04:38

I like the character of Female lead...

Chanderika Sharma
10.06.2021, 19:29:40

Please update...

Chanderika Sharma
10.06.2021, 02:42:52

I love the chapter ..

Hanna Suzy
08.06.2021, 10:03:44

hi author, I added the book to my library.please keep updating.

Chanderika Sharma
07.06.2021, 18:33:50

Who says dark coloured girls are not beautiful ??....My teacher who taught us maths when I was studying in the school has also wheatish complexion but she is so pretty ❤️❤️....

Cheryl p
07.06.2021, 19:36:44

Chanderika Sharma, chill buddy

Chanderika Sharma
07.06.2021, 18:25:16

Best of luck , I like the first chap ..., It is very captivating..

07.06.2021, 14:29:02

hi how are you ? i loved your first Book and the start of this one soo please update soon keep going you are Amazing autor xoxo

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