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I Fell For The Muslim Girl

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01)

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Publication: 03.06.2019 — 18.10.2019

Description of book "I Fell For The Muslim Girl"

"LET GO OF ME!" I pushed him away from me.

"What?" he smirked, pretending like he didn't know.

"Why do you hate me so much? What've I ever done to you?" I bursted into tears.

"It doesn't matter." he tried to shut me out.

"It matters to me. Every time you come near me, bad things happen." I kept pushing him to tell the truth.

"I just hate a hijabi girl like you!" he yelled at me and left.

After he left, I cried and fell down on my knees onto the floor. Why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong? Why do people hate someone like me so badly?

You have to read and find out for yourself!

A twisted love story between Camila Ahmad, a sweet Muslim girl and Justin Walker, a handsome but arrogant English boy.

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KAVITA JAIN 19.01.2021, 14:47:28


ITUMELENG NKONYANE 12.01.2021, 23:29:19

Thank you for this beautiful story. So glad it kept me glued on the phone, and thank you for not dragging.❤️

Sambodhi Deogade 22.11.2020, 15:52:05

The story is so at end you should have write an epilogue about them and their or the other...its an beautiful story❤️

Somi 19.10.2020, 15:06:39

what about you write about a shy girl who had a crush on Blond boy, but she didn't have the confidence to talk to him and she was avoiding him because she was afraid to make mistakes in front of him and look stupid, he thought she is arrogant and bad, but she loved him so much until he left the country and wasn't able to see him and regretted that she was avoiding him cus he is handsome and Rich and she is not that beautiful or rich he is just like Justin, but she is different from Camila because she wears hijab and her eyes are brown and she is blond and not pale with a small pink mouth. after he left the country she never fall in love again you can make a story like this one right?

Pritu 13.10.2020, 04:22:56

after reading this book I fell in love with you don't get me wrong am also girls but saying as fan , I really want to meet you , Hope one day it will happen .

Pritu 13.10.2020, 04:20:25

you look only 16 year old I mean you look so young in your profile picture , love you so much sis , did you used emoji in your book how (・o・)!(⑉⊙ȏ⊙)??

Pritu 12.10.2020, 13:43:45

first of all can't describe this book in just words , love you so much sis Hope your life only fill with joy , say hello to mia , your mom and derine , Adam , Justin and most important person to your lovely child . and reply me plz what did they say to me I mean they also said hello or not ?? your child is boy or girl ?? hope you're child's life fill with so much happyness , and what happened to Susan walker ?? any way again love you so much sis , am your big big fan .

Somi 10.10.2020, 15:34:23

is it truly the end?

Zahra Mohamed 04.07.2019, 23:12:48

Wow that's incredible and amazing story ❤

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Violet Phiri 26.09.2020, 09:28:31

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01), the book is so nice and lovely

Shinybella 16.09.2020, 15:08:25

Is this ur true story and ur true love life?I don't mean to pry.Sorry if u r uncomfortable. And it's a marvellous story

Meghali Kour 18.08.2020, 21:26:43

Beautiful story. Loved it..

Janolene May 14.08.2020, 09:18:31

Loved it

Lafayetta Gould 12.08.2020, 17:01:44

The story's amazing,I love it sooooo much❤️❤️❤️

Lafayetta Gould 11.08.2020, 14:03:16

I love the book,it's amazing.Thanks to the author ❤️❤️

Thëê Qúéën 10.07.2020, 11:45:13

Wow best book I have finished so far. It's amazing.

Rukia Said 06.07.2020, 01:42:53

I love it

Favour Ogburie 20.06.2020, 20:38:41


EssoLove 16.06.2020, 00:40:15

Asalamu Alaiki, did this really happen to you? how old are you now? I LOVED this book ❤️.

Loreen Njeri 03.06.2020, 22:24:41

You are a good writer. Have u thought of writing a novel, I would read it

Saniaa Saifi 31.05.2020, 08:41:38

I loved it, loved it really was awsome story dear...a beautifully crafted cute and mind blowing love story :) Camila's and justin's character are amazing...their difference in religion seemed to give it a good plot and u portray it beautifully
I'll surely give read ur another novel when it will be completed..looking forward to it...good luck dear and best wishes: ) :)

Sumeja 27.05.2020, 12:32:28

i really like this book. I have read good books but this is WAY better than the other ones. Amazing job♥️

91cc76e5dcaecb87 17.05.2020, 10:08:54

so so amazing!!!!!!well done

Jess Conibear 04.05.2020, 14:39:56

it's so beautiful

ethan weber 02.05.2020, 13:11:08

well it would have better if the English was improved I liked it because it was not like some of the sexuality graphic novels out there I give this 4 out 5

reader 10.04.2020, 10:16:25


Patricias Mwirigi 18.03.2020, 19:35:42

We want more of romantic books filled with twists here and there

Fatima Ahmadu 18.02.2020, 22:45:20


Dorothy Bushakstein 05.02.2020, 05:42:18

that's neelofa

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Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 05.02.2020, 13:56:59


Silence of sky 31.12.2019, 14:25:53

aselamwaliekum I really like it and thank you very much.... actually I moved to New city in France got a job and I saw every day a moslim girl with hijab so beautiful like '' Camilla '' and I want't be like '' jerk'' but thinking about her all day long and she felt the same way but we never got a chance to talk.......

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 31.12.2019, 19:20:16

Waalaikummursalam, hey there! It’s nice of you to share your story. It’s beautiful! I love it. You know what? You should give it a try and get yourself a chance to talk to her. Who knows maybe you’ll get to know her more and be friends or possibly end up together. Just give it a chance and try! Good luck! ❤️

Natasha Panchu 20.12.2019, 20:01:37

it a beautiful story I love it

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 21.12.2019, 00:41:47

Thank you so much, I really appreciate you reading it! ❤️

Izzy 16.12.2019, 13:56:25

I love this story so much!! I haven’t finished reading it all yet, but I’m so excited to read more! I love ur books so much, they are one of my favourite stories I’ve ever read:) hope you continue writing!

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 17.12.2019, 18:12:31

Oh God, thank you so much for taking your time to check out my books. I really appreciate you reading them. It means a lot to me. I will keep on writing more books in the future for everyone, In sha Allah! Please check out all of my books and don’t forget to read, like and comment! ❤️

Laila Hashim 29.11.2019, 13:20:38

It is an amazing story you did well... Keep writing. Love your work and literally this story touched my heart amazing. Love you girl and I appreciate your work.

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 29.11.2019, 19:12:30

Alhamdulillah! Thank you so much for your lovely support! It really means a lot to me and I appreciate it very much. Keep checking out my work in the future tho. Love yaaa! ❤️

Aaleen Saeed 25.11.2019, 19:07:29

is it the complete novel?

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Aaleen Saeed 27.11.2019, 16:01:33

Scarlet01, ok.

little coconut 07.11.2019, 12:44:34

shit I'm way shorter than you then I'm only 5'2" :')

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little coconut 24.11.2019, 12:07:12

Scarlet01, Aww I'm flattered

little coconut 24.11.2019, 12:06:54

Now I'm feeling like I should also fall in love

Warisha Hassan 30.10.2019, 20:11:46

i just love this story congratulations

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 31.10.2019, 02:15:19

I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! ❤️

Serojnie Seetaram 15.10.2019, 21:52:10

Congratulations!!! Well done. Keep up the good work.

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 18.10.2019, 10:13:48

Thank you! I really appreciate it. I will, In sha Allah!

Serojnie Seetaram 15.10.2019, 19:56:16

It is very well written. i feel as if i am part of the story as i read. Continue the good work.

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 15.10.2019, 20:13:02

Thank you so much! I will, In sha Allah! ❤️

Dorothy Obeng 30.09.2019, 22:27:08

I love this story

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 01.10.2019, 16:51:43


Dorothy Obeng 30.09.2019, 22:24:37


Sandra Obas 09.09.2019, 21:36:10


The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 10.09.2019, 10:08:21

Thank you! ❤️

sam ebety 01.09.2019, 11:24:57


The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 03.09.2019, 04:20:59


Misba Shaikh 24.08.2019, 18:18:16

what has been updated? I am not able to read anything after chapter 76

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 25.08.2019, 02:27:46

Why is that? I’ve already updated the book until chapter 83.

fathima reem 22.08.2019, 13:23:13

Comment has been deleted

Misbah Alam 22.08.2019, 07:05:43

hey do you know how to delete the comments here??

Misbah Alam 20.08.2019, 21:49:37

Wait there's an error spelling error in the cover

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Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 22.08.2019, 06:57:58

I appreciate it. Thank you so much for being concerned! ❤️

Roza Csergo 21.08.2019, 15:05:00

Awesome new cover ♥
Would you please consider follow for a follow? I'd love to connect with you.

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Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 22.08.2019, 01:52:44

No problem.

Misbah Alam 20.08.2019, 21:48:24

love this cover

Hashwahussor Shaik 15.08.2019, 17:50:47

Please update the story I loved the story

The last comment in the thread:

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 15.08.2019, 18:04:52

I’ll be updating more soon! That’s a promise! Btw thank you for enjoying my book! ❤️

Misbah Alam 02.08.2019, 00:28:30

you said you "HAD" a nonmuslim boyfriend so it means the ending wouldn't be happy?? :(

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Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01) 03.08.2019, 05:47:07


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