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Publication: 16.02.2021 — ...
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "Icicles Of Golden Blood"

Akshara, the human girl founds herself in the land of Witch Queen and warriors of werewolves. She wonders why she is kept alive in the witch palace among them. She always wants to escape her reality but unfortunately enters into the world of ferocious hybrid creature of Dragon-wizard. An army of single girl wants to revenge those creatures for the death of her parents. In the journey of revenge, she encounters the unfamiliar theme LOVE. Will unarmed beauty able to defeat those evil blood stained creatures? Will she able to accept the love of Dragon-wizard?

Let’s explore the destiny and survival of Akshara in the monstrous world.

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J Janani 27.02.2021, 03:20:00

wonderful and interesting

Kanimozhi Sudhahar 16.02.2021, 16:08:31

Interesting. Waiting for the next chapter.

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Aurora Bluemoon 16.02.2021, 17:29:54

Kanimozhi Sudhahar, Thank you so much for reading. Updating in process...

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