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On Hold: 23 Sep 93 pages

Publication: 16.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Icicles Of Golden Blood"

Akshara, the human girl was about to found the truth that she has been living in a Witch palace and guarded by werewolves until the night of Blue moon which brings her fantasy world to reality. The shock prevails in the air by witnessing their true identity. She wonders why she is kept alive among them.
She always wants to escape her reality but enters into the world of the ferocious hybrid creature of Dragon-wizard, Devrit Swiftwings.
Eventually, she found the truth about the death of her parents and wanted to seek revenge. In the journey of revenge, she encounters the unfamiliar theme, LOVE.
Will unarmed beauty able to defeat those evil blood-stained creatures?
Will she able to accept the love of Dragon-wizard?

Let’s explore the destiny and survival of Akshara in the monstrous world.


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Loren rivera
13.06.2021, 00:57:33

Just started reading, it is really amazing:) Edit it faster so I can read it further:) It is intriguing.

Not In Use
22.05.2021, 13:20:09

Beautiful! I'm hoping for more stories like this one :D

Aurora Bluemoon
22.05.2021, 13:30:15

Viola Vonburg, Thank you for your comments. Will do it for sure.

Jagan Whitee
03.05.2021, 17:46:00

An extremely awesome story justifying the theme of paranormal fantasy. Traveling alongside with Axe into this imaginary world of werewolf -the friend , witch -the enemy, Albruz - the guardian, white dragon - the lover is an extraordinary experience.

Unpredictable life of Axe against the Black witch Nico...and her victory...good...

Happy to see Axe and Dev along with kid(s) living a wonderful life together :)

Aurora Bluemoon
03.05.2021, 19:59:16

Jagan Whitee, Thank you for your comments. Finally, you got all the core and covered the content of this story... Good Analyse...

J Janani
25.04.2021, 18:44:05

Super ma

J Janani
28.03.2021, 14:45:55

super and interesting ma

Aurora Bluemoon
29.03.2021, 10:44:42

J Janani, Thank you, keep reading and find more interesting updates in the chapters.

Lalith Kumar
27.03.2021, 17:26:12

Superb sister

Aurora Bluemoon
29.03.2021, 10:43:52

Lalith Kumar, I thank you for taking few minutes to read my writing. Keep supporting me and I will give you the best of my writing.

16.03.2021, 16:54:05

nice mam

Aurora Bluemoon
16.03.2021, 18:21:41

PRIYA DHARSHINI, Thank u priya... Keep reading.

Santhi Seenivasan
14.03.2021, 18:33:46

Good and interesting. Waiting for next update.

Aurora Bluemoon
16.03.2021, 18:21:19

Santhi Seenivasan, Thank u.

Krishnaveni Selvaraj
09.03.2021, 11:17:55

A Good work, appreciating job,keep rocking

Aurora Bluemoon
09.03.2021, 11:52:33

Krishnaveni Selvaraj, Thank you for ur support...

07.03.2021, 14:05:37

nice mam

Aurora Bluemoon
07.03.2021, 18:32:44

PRIYA DHARSHINI, Thank u priya.

J Janani
27.02.2021, 03:20:00

wonderful and interesting

Aurora Bluemoon
27.02.2021, 17:55:19

J Janani, thank you for ur support.

Kanimozhi Sudhahar
16.02.2021, 16:08:31

Interesting. Waiting for the next chapter.

Aurora Bluemoon
16.02.2021, 17:29:54

Kanimozhi Sudhahar, Thank you so much for reading. Updating in process...

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