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I'll Take The Pain

Elham Dhul Qanayn

Story about:mafia billionaire, mafia love, secretpregnancy

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 24 Nov 82 pages

Publication: 07.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "I'll Take The Pain "

Maliya is a beautiful 18 year old girl . She always had hope that Allah would make life easier for her, since she came from a broken home. When Allah finally opens his door of blessings on her , she meets Mika'il Bun Sheikh Abd Azeez.

Mika'il Bun Sheikh Abd Azeez is the leader of the fiercest and most dangerous Mafia group in Pakistan. He is called "The Devil" because , she shows no mercy. Up until he meets Maliya .

They both fall in love and survive through thick and thin. But Allah has another plan for Maliya.

Will they stay together or will one leave the other ?


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Nancy Sanchez
23.11.2020, 17:25:14

Make it a happy ending plz!!!

Elham Dhul Qanayn
23.11.2020, 17:44:58

Nancy Sanchez, No problem Nancy

Nancy Sanchez
23.11.2020, 17:24:24

Comment has been deleted

Elham Dhul Qanayn
11.11.2020, 12:49:53

Please Lovelies. Like and Comment on my work

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