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Indian Queen of Roman Crown


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Description of book "Indian Queen of Roman Crown "

Looking for a strong female character? Check.
Love ,conspiracy and action?
Want to see two great cultures of history ? Check
Want to know about story of an indian princess and great prince of Florence who was a widower?
If it's yes , then peep inside to see what secrets it beholds.
Here , blood is not thicker than water. People will even go to hell if it's about the crown and power. Craving of being a ruler surpasses every height.
Conspiracy, betrayel and what not just to win Rome.
Amidst of it, beautiful relations would also blossom. Dive deep into the story to find what it has to offer.

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Swati Sharma
16.02.2021, 13:42:38

When will you update?

27.04.2021, 10:09:26

Swati Sharma, waiting for your response over there :)

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