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On Hold: 02 Oct 41 pages

Publication: 16.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Indifference"

When a young lady decides to chase after her dreams not even a man could stop her.

Esosa Anderson has fought through poverty to get her family out of it after the disastrous fall of her dad's wealth. Now just a little more hardwork was all she needed to get her name among the world richest Forbes, but then came an arrogant billionaire Albert Harrison who thinks he can buy her with his wealth.

Not knowing her background, he made a big mistake when he told her "I'm a billionaire and so also are my friends, I don't deal with low class people".

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Olayemi Obembe
28.09.2020, 01:50:02

Nice wittings
Keep it up ?

28.09.2020, 01:55:46

Olayemi Obembe, Thanks

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