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John, Mary And The Beautiful Forever


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Description of book "John, Mary And The Beautiful Forever"

Windom is a small town in the middle of nowhere Montana, however it's the only life John has ever known. Born and raised in the tight-knit community, he expects to live and die in Windom. His mother works as a bank teller and his sister, Mary, spends her days watching the local insect population. However, life is not as tranquil as it seems, as a massive amount of debt is piling on-top of his family. To make matters worse, John's mother is looking to be married to a seemingly ruthless individual by the name of Tom Handson, whose intentions for John's family are becoming clearer and clearer seemingly day by day. In the coming weeks John will be forced to make a tough decision that will impact the fate of himself and his sister...

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Sharon Brooke 05.02.2019, 18:18:20

I´ve enjoyed it a lot

Ana Arrigo 04.02.2019, 22:51:37

it is obvious that the author tried hard

Loreal Farmer 03.02.2019, 23:55:15

very nice

Mike Two 02.02.2019, 15:09:30

good story

Catsoline Grace 29.01.2019, 13:38:04

your writing is very pleasant for the eyes, very good written

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valor 02.02.2019, 03:27:54

Catsoline Grace, Thank You! Give it a like and add it too your reading list! Also if you like this I hope you like other things on my list.

Ashley Lewel 01.02.2019, 15:38:24

very lovely

Kessily Brunet 31.01.2019, 12:34:08

one more good story of our lives

Nicole Preedy 30.01.2019, 17:54:27

nice and enjoyable!

Andres Bonaparte 29.01.2019, 12:36:10

very beautiful cover, I love it :3

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