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Kingdom of Fear and Flesh

Amelie Rahman

Story about:romance, demons, paranormal fantasy

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#1402 in Fantasy
#4544 in Romance

On Hold: 22 Apr 23 pages

Publication: 05.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Kingdom of Fear and Flesh"

Everything was perfect in Zoyas life until one day demons came to capture her step sister whom Zoya loved more than her life. Zoya sets off her journey to save her sister despite the odds. After reaching the Doittobari Kingdom every sense of her mortal body screams to run back home. But she has to rescue Amy.Unfortunately,one day Zoya gets caught and she is dragged into the court of the Kingdom.She is tormented and tortured mercilessly.And there she meets four heart shatteringly beautiful immortal demons who ought to be the princes of the Kingdom and infamous for their violence.Now Zoya is asked to marry one of the princes and live there forever in exchange for her sisters life.Will Zoya sacrifice herself?? Who will she marry?? Will she ever fall in love?? Read to know!

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