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Book. "Last Resort" read online
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#224 in Paranormal
#655 in Supernaturals

Complete 41 pages

Publication: 25.06.2019 — 25.06.2019

Description of book "Last Resort"

A bonus book introduction to the Paranormal Investigations Series

When dynamic ghostbusting duo Max and Crystal are called in to rid a resort of its party of guest-frightening phantoms, Max is unprepared for the mystery they're about to unravel.

Who is the mysterious blue lady?

What unspoken sin underlies the death of a beautiful young woman in her prime?

And why is a vengeful spirit so intent on harming Crystal?


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Ginny Pestano
30.04.2021, 13:53:14

Enjoyed reading this short story. Thanks,author.

Jan Hauser
26.03.2021, 00:24:46

Hello, I am Jan Hauser-Hoffmann, a hobbyist author just like you.

I am sad to inform you that your work “Last Resort” has been plagiarized by Jan Steinke, a polish “author” (plagiarist would be a better term) and published on a self-publishing website. Your content has been stolen and translated (very badly) most likely without your knowledge, you can find the store page here “Dom duchów”. If you translate the free preview part you will notice it adds up almost exactly to the original text. And not only has it been stolen, the plagiarist could very well be profiting off of it, as it is on sale.

I urge you to, please, at the bare minimum send them an email requesting for takedown of your wrongly taken intellectual property. The fight for IP laws is one that transcends borders and communities, and we as authors should stick together.

Their email address is:

Ryo Francis
22.10.2019, 14:12:52

Easy to read... likable leads... enjoyed it very much!
Many thanks :)

Cherie Mitchell
24.10.2019, 20:18:50

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Celeste I.
07.08.2019, 00:11:33

Wow, what an entertaining read! I do love a good mystery, and everything wrapped up nicely but also leaves it open-ended for more potential stories about this. I also like the dynamics between the two leads, Max and Crystal (though there might be something more in store), not sure why Crystal was attacked by the spirits though. And I'm glad you didn't make Marvin a bad guy (I was getting shady vibes from him, but thankfully there was no malicious intent with him).

Too bad this will be the only one in the series that you'll upload here, but this was an interesting, unique, and refreshing story. I liked it~

Cherie Mitchell
07.08.2019, 15:24:08

Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Roza Csergo
28.07.2019, 21:52:27

Hi. I just finished reading this story. I love mysteries and this was so nicely laid out. Will you be uploading other stories? I really enjoy your work. My writing style is so much different. Could be because I write fantasy. I'd love it if you could check it out and let me know what you think. Wish you all the best.

Cherie Mitchell
30.07.2019, 01:01:07

Roza Csergo, Hi - I'm already following you :) Thanks for the feedback! I can't load the next books in the series (there will be six in total) as they are in KDP Select on Amazon, which prohibits me from publishing them elsewhere.

Goodness Shadrach
24.07.2019, 17:59:45

interesting piece, I also followed you, I hope you can check my own works too

Goodness Shadrach
25.07.2019, 01:57:48

Cherie Mitchell, thanks dear, that's so kind of you

01.07.2019, 20:18:35


Katie Von
30.06.2019, 16:06:09

Twins, it's so sexy

True Match
28.06.2019, 21:49:06

should I read Black Towers to read all the other stories that will be released

True Match
29.06.2019, 20:52:11

Cherie Mitchell, I did

Cary James
26.06.2019, 19:35:33

I´m in love

Cherie Mitchell
27.06.2019, 18:19:11

That's a lovely thing to say :) Thank you.

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