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Live Or Die- Make Your Choice

An Assassin's Death

Story about:fanfiction, an assassin, person in jail

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#345 in Suspense
#224 in Crime fiction

On Hold: 20 Jun 9 pages

Publication: 12.06.2019 — ...

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Description of book "Live Or Die- Make Your Choice"

This story is about Kazuya and Jin who both are very different from each other.

Jin has been caught by police as he is an assassin and he has done over 30 murders. One day a writer named Kazuya enters the place where Jin has been kept and as he wanted to write something about Jin, he asks his story and why he chose this dirty way of becoming Black Mask?

At first Jin was silent but then he told his whole story and reason why he needed to become Black Mask and begin killing people.

At last he asks him if he gets a chance to escape from there then what will he do?

Then after a answer Kazuye leaves Jin and writes a story on 'Black Mask' which becomes wide best seller.

I know that this plot seems irrelevant but it is not. Trust me.

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An Assassin's Death
12.06.2019, 12:46:17

I hope that you will like this plot a lot.

An Assassin's Death
18.06.2019, 03:30:27

Mark Timber, Thanks for reading the story man

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