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Love Finds Its Way


Story about:collegeromance, billionaire assistant, marriage

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Ongoing: 12 Apr 5 pages

Publication: 12.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Love Finds Its Way"

Even being apart for more than 8 years, our feeling toward each other didn't change.

"I'm sorry, I have told you about my feelings for you before," he said leaving her lips and looking into her eyes feeling at home.

“The distance and time showed us, how we love each other, how strong our love and it showed that the love always finds its way,” She said finally opening her feelings and hugging him tightly.


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Shailu Sarang
12.04.2022, 19:59:07

done author ..... waiting to read more ....
hope u to get 101 followers really fast ..... cause i couldn't wait to read more

Shailu Sarang
12.04.2022, 19:26:30

wohhhhh...... w8ing to read author ..... hope u do this tooo good like ur other novels ..... u r one of my favourite author ...... i really couldn't wait to c more frm u .... love u lottt author and all the very very best to ur all future wrks .....

12.04.2022, 19:42:42

Shailu Sarang, thank you for your support, dear. The first part is up now. please, check it out.

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