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Luna is a 25-year-old young adult who had completed her studies and attained that long awaited degree she had worked hard for. Throughout her life, she had never had a dream or an ambition. She had only ever wanted to have a stable salary, working at a small company, and enjoying the smallest things in life. If she could, she'd want to become a monk and travel the world but that would fail to sustain her lifestyle. She still needed to earn a living for herself.
A few weeks into the job, and she was given the rare opportunity to be a part of the sales team in charge of a very big project. This rare opportunity landed her in the garden of a young billionaire named Eric; A gorgeous man who was hard to ignore and it seems that this man had taken an odd interest in her lucky charm necklace...

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Awele 18.01.2021, 13:53:17

I just feel a rope tugging me every now and then to check if it has been updated like that’s how much I love this book... it just so addictive

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Cherly Swan 24.01.2021, 19:06:45

Awele, Updated ♡♡♡

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