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Malaya: The Land of Lost Things (first draft)

Sarah Noelle

Story about:adventure, romance fantasy, mythology

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Ongoing: 18 Oct 175 pages

Publication: 17.05.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Malaya: The Land of Lost Things (first draft)"

Ana doesn't know her place in the world, and she's happy with the life that she's somehow lived after losing her parents. A mysterious trip to the library reveals the secrets of her past and her destiny. She finds the portal to Malaya, the magical and dangerous world that neither time and history could touch. With no way home and very few chances at surviving, Ana must use her one magical skill, finding lost things, to find her way back. Ana may not know her place in the world, but her destiny awaits her in the land of lost things.

Inspired by the resplendent mythologies of the Filipino people, The Land of Lost Things will take you into the world of gods and goddesses, fairies and monsters, and legends of the new and the old world---all reimagined in an alternate universe.

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noveltealover 07.07.2020, 06:31:22

Hello! I added this to my library not too long ago after the summary and title caught my eye. I love the cover by the way! I only read Ch 1 but I'm enjoying the story so far and the sort of whimsical feeling it exudes. I can personally relate to Ana, having always been the quiet and timid girl in school growing up. I thought I'd change myself when I was in university too but not really haha. I also like Tori. Anyway, keep it up and I'll be back to read more when I can! :)

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noveltealover 19.08.2020, 20:10:04

Sarah Noelle, It's my pleasure & thank you for sharing your story with us! :) I haven't had time to catch up on reading but I will for sure in the upcoming weeks to leave more of my thoughts! I'm looking forward to learning more about the characters and Malaya itself. And thank you so much for your kindness in wanting to check out my own work as well. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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