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Marriage and Annulment


Story about:teacher, billionairess, handsome

Age restriction: 18+

35 847

#627 in Romance
#9 in Humor

Complete 268 pages

Publication: 28.04.2022 — 08.05.2022

Description of book "Marriage and Annulment"

Zaneska Vergara is a dominant type of person. She always gets everything she wants in life. She is the kind of woman who is willing to sacrifice her own wealth for the things she wants to achieve. She was a queen in her own empire, an heir to her own company, but there was one thing she lacked: a man who was there for her no matter what happened. She met the boyfriend of her best friend, Zander Harreon Arcanghel, a man with a simple life, a public school teacher, but for the first time she met him. It was as if an arrow had struck her and landed in the center of his heart. She is so in love with her best friend's boyfriend. Sadly, the man doesn’t see another woman other than Mitch Saika Claveniria, his best friend. They are about to get married, and she is just a bridesmaid to the man she


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