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Publication: 21.04.2022 — 04.05.2022

Description of book "Mate or God?"

To the humans, she's the woman of God. A forbidden fruit that cannot be touched by anyone.
To the werewolves, she's someone's Mate. A woman who was destined to be someone's lover alone.
Jenna Harrison left her mate and become a human because she wasn't okay with her mate being best friends with his ex-lover.
She said it's complicated. However, what happens when she is being thrown back into the world of werewolves.
This time she's a human and a newly anointed nun. What's it going to be, mate or God?


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Vanshika Rubab
21.04.2022, 17:48:10

the first chapter is interesting, I wonder if her Alpha is going to release her, please continue

Marta Cruz
21.04.2022, 17:40:00

I want to know what will happen next, please update

Marta Cruz
21.04.2022, 17:39:23

She'll have to stay in the pack now and accept him, unless she finds another mate

Barnali Mondal
21.04.2022, 13:09:42

Oh please give her another mate, please please please author

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