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Book. "Mikal Smircov The Russian Don." read online

Mikal Smircov The Russian Don.

Marjory Bloom

Series: The Mafia series

Story about:second chance love, painfull past, mafia king finds love again

Age restriction: 18+

70 1714

#847 in Romance
#227 in Romantic erotica

Complete 77 pages

Publication: 21.10.2022 — 12.12.2022

Description of book "Mikal Smircov The Russian Don."

Mikal Smirkov, son of the Russian Mafia, The Bratva King!!

His father thought that it was impossible for his son to take over the empire with his mental health issues (At birth he had a temporary lack off oxygen for some minutes which ended up in having some brain damage) so his father asked his second in command to take over, specially after seeing his son have a huge breakdown because he saw the woman he loved (Julia) been taken away by the Italian mafia King Don Massimo her husband! but than after being away for a year he comes back and demands his fathers throne!.....

Will he get his rightful place at his fathers empire?
And what will happen when he crosses paths again with the Italian mafia and falls in love with Kate, the wife of Tommy, the second in command of Don Massimo?

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Laila Naseem
12.12.2022, 08:57:10

Gr8 work of Art :).
Ahat Happened to Thomas? How did he React when he found out new Don & Donna? What Happened to Anusha

Marjory Bloom
12.12.2022, 08:13:39

Laila Naseem, hi so happy you like it!!
please re-read the epilogue i just added some stuff that will answer you're questions ...that will satisfy you hopefully!

follow me for more stories :)

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