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Publication: 17.05.2021 — 10.06.2021

Description of book "Miracles Indeed Happens"

A very beautiful girl named Camelia. from her everything that make her happy snatched away. her parents, her only reason to live also died when she was sixteen. her only reason to live was to make her parents proud. she lost hope to live but what happen when she wants her life to end. then unexpected miracle happened. and what's more that miracles continueosly happening after that? what is that miracle? read to find out the astonishing truth about her!


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Mohammed Basith
16.06.2021, 09:35:21

A gr8 book to start with.

Youth Boundless
16.06.2021, 09:41:30

Mohammed Basith, I 'am glad dear

Dream of books
10.06.2021, 07:49:39

the story is short but really nice dear

Youth Boundless
10.06.2021, 08:03:07

Dream of books, Thanks dear!