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Book. "Moon Lotus- Saga of Love and Fate" read online

Moon Lotus- Saga of Love and Fate

Caramel sugar

Story about:fatedlove, historical eastern fantasy, love and redemption

24 239

#75 in Historical Romance
#38 in Epic fantasy

On Hold: 29 Sep 24 pages

Publication: 23.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Moon Lotus- Saga of Love and Fate"

Among the folds of thousand lotus, there lies the myth of Moonlotus possessing the dual power of yin and yang. Far away from the divine beings borns a mortal whom the moonlotus chooses as its vessel.
Yingyue is not your typical heroine. Her life gets tangled when she finds herself teleported to the Gua empire. With a different identity, she somehow manages to survive there among the unfamiliar faces until when she falls for a man.
Shuo Jin is a cold-hearted raised assassin whose only goal is to slaughter the royal family. Outcasted and detained by his own family members, he decided to rebel against them.

However, their encounter, affection for each other and separation were all predetermined. What if destiny has something else planned for them?


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