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Mr. Jerk and Miss. Cookie

Aura Saifi

Story about:romantic mystery, romance drama, humour and drama

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Ongoing: 19 Jul 23 pages

Publication: 14.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Mr. Jerk and Miss. Cookie"

We were about to leave when two boys rushed into the dance hall. "We're very sorry for being late but something urgent came up Miss." We turned around to see them and oh my god!!!!!!!
Hamid and Junaid !!!! They were Hamid and Junaid two people whom I was hoping not to meet ever. Miss Ahana said," I'm excusing you for today boys but from tomorrow be in time. You two girls (referring to us) no need to go you pair up with them." I was trying my best to relax myself and wasn't able to though. I don't know why but he was the last person whom I wanted to form a team with. (Uhmmmm........ Maybe I know because I hate those kind of rich kids born with a silver spoon in their mouths. And his first impression in front of me was also not even having a tinch of goodness. He was a TOTAL JERK.)


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Zara Saifi
21.06.2022, 12:05:45

Whoa!! The chapter was awesome. I think the worst would be that she had an accident and will not be able to dance anymore. Just a thought. Or maybe she saw Alicia. Can't wait for the new chapter ??.

Aura Saifi
21.06.2022, 12:07:21

Zara Saifi, Thank you very much. And I'll try to update the new chapter as soon as possible. ʘ‿ʘ

Huma Saifi
14.06.2022, 15:34:28


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