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Mrs Rodriguez

Okaah lerato

Story about:highschool, billionaire, romance love

Age restriction: 18+

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#471 in Romantic erotica
#1208 in Billionaires

On Hold: 13 May 59 pages

Publication: 11.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Mrs Rodriguez"

Being a mother and a billionaire for Maria Rodriguez was like being at war with one self all the time. There was always a choice to make. When she has to choose between her career and her family once again, for the first time, Maria is faced with making the wrong choice.

Remaining with her son and ex-husband was one thing. Noticing Trent McGuire, her son's best friend and Hamilton High's quarterback was another. He awakened a part of her she thought she had lost when it came to her career and when her husband wants a second chance and her son needs a home, when Trent wants a future with her, she would have to choose once again. This time, however, it wouldn't be for love.


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Godwin Hosanna
20.02.2021, 09:17:28

I love this book! It's interesting and got me hooked to the last part. I must say I admire your choice of words, they are so smooth. Keep writing... Hope to see more updates

Okaah lerato
21.02.2021, 01:40:10

Godwin Hosanna, thank you so much. it means a lot baby girl

15.02.2021, 05:01:28

just WOW!!!!

Okaah lerato
19.02.2021, 15:49:06

sophia, Thank you

Okaah lerato
14.02.2021, 00:30:07

Wow wow

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