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Mrs. Vanderbilt

EJ Griefin

Story about:love, arranged marriage, family

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On Hold: 27 Oct 52 pages

Publication: 03.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Mrs. Vanderbilt"

Mr. Vanderbilt had proposed a contract, and who was George Smith- owner of a sinking company- to refuse such a generous offer when the only price he has to pay was his daughter?

Adelaide Smith grew up without having her father by her side. So no one could blame her when she found it suspicious that her father was suddenly visiting her in the huge house he locked her in after her mother died.

She don't take his father as a kind man, but after basically selling her off to a supposed billionaire whom she's never heard of, she was fairly sure her father was crazy.


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05.11.2020, 09:15:12

Hey please update soon

Danita Springfield
28.10.2020, 14:28:45

They found new emotions. She hadn't felt love for so long. She had never even felt like. He knows he wants to protect and show her the world, but is unsure about other things. This is great.

Jessica Wright
10.10.2020, 09:13:26

So...have you ever been to Biltmore?

EJ Griefin
13.10.2020, 18:12:43

Jessica Wright, Well, as long as it doesn’t cause trouble for anyone. Haha

Zackariah Angel
07.10.2020, 16:53:43

Wow....I'm liking this

Zackariah Angel
10.10.2020, 11:38:09

EJ Griefin, Okay...

Danita Springfield
08.10.2020, 22:09:39

He has seen her pain and mpw he is ready to shield and protect. Daddy is lucky he is on a cane.

EJ Griefin
10.10.2020, 10:45:09

Danita Springfield, Omg that last bit- Haha!

Zackariah Angel
08.10.2020, 17:34:06


Musa Kampamba
07.10.2020, 18:56:10

I love the works of your hand

EJ Griefin
08.10.2020, 16:10:40

Musa Kampamba, Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

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