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Ongoing: 02 May 8 pages

Publication: 26.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "My billionaire and I'm his Wife"

Ray, is a Ruthless Arrongant but handsome and sexy Billionaire. He is the CEO of Raymond Industries.He has all the feature of mafia boss but he isn't involved in any Mafia activities.
Riya, A beautiful sexy and an independent girl. she has a pure heart who help each and every one.
What will happen when their paths crossed or they are forced to be married..
Let's seee guys

This is my book guys so I hope that everyone will support me nd persuade me to write..
Enjoy your time here


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Prncss Sophie
26.04.2021, 12:25:57


Niya Sharma
26.04.2021, 12:25:57

Prncss Sophie, thnks dear it meant alot

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