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Description of book "My Fat Paycheck "

When Dennis, the owner of the billion-dollar company, handed over his seat as CEO for his only son Mike, he never thought disaster was on its way to threaten his throne he built.

Mike, fresh out of Harvard was pushed forth with a huge responsibility and he unwillingly accepts his seat for the sake of his father. His charming looks and billionaire status, instantly made him a heartthrob celebrity.

Jasmine was just a girl with overly imaginative ambitions, here to make the end meet. And when the news that Thompson’s limited was looking for a PA for the newly appointed CEO; she jumped into position.

When life decided to play matchmaking and ended up pairing Mike and jasmine; neither of them realized the danger it welcomed.


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Autumn Decena Aufe
14.11.2020, 08:29:09

a little over explanatory like second by second account of her moments...I like the idea of the prism and like though how I was still drawn to hear your ideas. but I need a meaning to follow it down like sink coffee, in the looked down watched to carefully...I'm gonna make it through but eager at least.

Shafeeda T
22.12.2020, 18:10:45

Autumn Decena Aufe, Hi, I have taken your suggestion into consideration and did some changes. Can you come and take a look now?

Perrie Abel
11.11.2020, 08:08:25

beautiful story... keep it up ❤

Shafeeda T
11.11.2020, 14:10:53

Perrie Abel, Thanks love :)

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