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My Girl

Stephanie Egberike

Story about:lovers, romance, hate

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 12 Apr 162 pages

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Description of book "My Girl"

"My girl"

Sean O'connor was drunk that night for the graduation party so drunk that he didn't remember half of what happened when he went out with his friends.
A month later a girl showed up saying she was pregnant with his kid.
He denied ..because he didn't remember.

Meg Philips a single mum had managed to build up her life since that day till now, her daughter is three years old and just went she had forgotten that incidence... the man who denied her pregnancy comes back into town...and she was determined to keep Kiki away from him..and him away from her.

But there was a problem. .Sean O'connor seemed to like the little girl's mother Meg..and was determined to win her over and find out the reason he is so connected and drawn to her child.

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Rougezella 22.04.2019, 07:48:06

.... wow......

Suzanne Pearson 20.04.2019, 15:51:36


Ameena Ami 13.04.2019, 12:12:29

Its a great story

Tuttera Sheyi Janat 12.04.2019, 12:55:50

thanks loved it

Tiffany Kole 12.04.2019, 11:38:57

that´s so true

Patie Ntoe 10.04.2019, 14:57:08


Savage Rose 10.04.2019, 12:25:39

my girl, such a good story

Natalia Abram 08.04.2019, 15:31:13

very good

Len Siphone 03.04.2019, 01:18:48

Ready 2 read more

Len Siphone 03.04.2019, 01:18:29

Ready 2 read more

Marie Thomas 02.04.2019, 19:01:16

please, publish more

kusum chowdhury 02.04.2019, 13:34:13

woww..I love it

Cira Shalash 01.04.2019, 13:11:46

tender and sweet

Amara Kent 31.03.2019, 13:16:13

waiting for the next chapter

Kessily Brunet 30.03.2019, 13:11:55

I love it

Samantha Ainsley 29.03.2019, 12:43:27

very deep story, I'm touched

Heather Navy 28.03.2019, 13:12:13

this story is interesting

Lucile Savino 27.03.2019, 13:24:32

so he never wanted to know anything about her and now he cares?

Kerry Ward 26.03.2019, 12:46:03

this happens in real life

Tasha Nickolson 25.03.2019, 12:10:17

wow, the annotation is incredible, want to read the story right now!

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