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Book. "My immortal love " read online

My immortal love

Marjory Bloom

Story about:age gab, fighting cancer, second change in love

Age restriction: 18+

124 2761

#874 in Billionaires
#2337 in Romance

Complete 70 pages

Publication: 04.10.2022 — 30.11.2022

Description of book "My immortal love "

Ian Mc Callister, a young successful businessman with a passion for dancing got one day the horrific news that this might be his last year on earth because of a tumor in his body. With that shocking news in mind, he decided after a couple of drinks to end his life, but he got stopped by a beautiful stranger named Lena who is there at the right time but dealing with her own problems.....

What will happen that stormy night in the rain, when two broken souls meet?


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Anuradha Kunjalata
26.10.2022, 18:36:47

TBH these kind of books are very rare on booknet. I'm a sucker for these kind of books where character are normal being not a arrogant or bipolar ass and no innocent and naive damsel in distress. Your story seems genuine and believable. Character development and consent is very important but sorry to say Booknet mostly promotes toxic love story, forced marriage, abusive relationship which is not my style. So my feedback is that your story is very good sure there are typing mistake but I'm in love with your characters. Lots of love from Bharat(India).

Marjory Bloom
26.10.2022, 19:22:10

Anuradha Kunjalata, Thank you very much my dear! Means a lot! And yes i still have editing to do;)glad yoy love it! I like a a charcter maybe with a bit raw edge but not like those really dark stories i agree with you!
Feel free to check out the rest, hope you will find more to you liking!

Anuradha Kunjalata
26.10.2022, 16:22:56

finally a normal ml. I'm just tired of arrogant and dominating mls.

Marjory Bloom
26.10.2022, 16:36:42

Anuradha Kunjalata, haha yeah i know what you mean;)
i like strong leads but sometimes i feel like drowning in so many messed up egos and plot twist and all that that sometimes i like to keep things a little more simple but with still a nice story! hope you enjoyed so far?
follow me for more:)

Glincy Varghese
09.10.2022, 03:09:53

why don't he go for a second opinion?

Marjory Bloom
09.10.2022, 08:27:10

Glincy Varghese, true, let's see!

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