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Book. "My knight in shining armor" read online

My knight in shining armor

Winnie Fred

Story about:younglove, overprotective, true love

18 225

#1000 in Romantic suspense
#480 in Short stories

On Hold: 22 Nov 7 pages

Publication: 16.11.2020 — ...

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Description of book "My knight in shining armor"

After years of believe that love is a lie, inherited from our fathers, Mary at a young age comes to realise that in as much as love can be a scam and a fairytale, that true love can still be found in the eyes of Peter.

Because all boys are not the same. But how long before she realizes it? Would she let Jane who is her best friend have Peter who has always been her long lost love?

What would she do? Who would she choose? Her best friend or true love?


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