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My Zpoc Journal

Jake A. Strife

Series: Short Stories

Story about:zombies, survival, journal

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#54 in Post-apocalyptic
#90 in Dystopia

On Hold: 31 May 54 pages

Publication: 05.04.2019 — ...

Description of book "My Zpoc Journal"

No one saw the actual zombie apocalypse coming. We all thought it was a joke when the first news reports came in on April 1st, 2019. People eating other people in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA.
But something didn't feel right in my gut. I figured it was the pizza I ordered from Papa John's--No, it was my instincts.

Zombies were real--ARE real. The ZPoc was starting and everyone was so busy being divided on politics, religion, climate change, racism, sexism, vaccines, science, everything...

No one took the time to care that the virus was spreading and fast.
These are my accounts of the events from the day the ZPoc was declared and henceforth. Excuse my haste... There isn't much time to write these journal entries.

I dedicate this journal to my daughter Aeris Raquel.


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John Mitchell
11.04.2019, 23:05:05

I´d like you to publish more pages

Jake A. Strife
29.04.2019, 15:36:42

John Mitchell
, Haha thanks!

John Innis
21.04.2019, 21:35:14

another great read from a decent author who doesn't feel the need to have a sex scene every 2 or 3 pages and also knows how to write a great story without a lot of cursing

Jake A. Strife
22.04.2019, 15:38:57

John Innis, Thanks so much! Yeah, I don't care for sex or cursing unless it is absolutely necessary to the story. Which it usually isn't. :)

Douglass Millsap
17.04.2019, 14:44:14

hi, I just wondered if it you are still writing the story

Jake A. Strife
17.04.2019, 19:16:58

Douglass Millsap, I've been updating daily.

16.04.2019, 23:18:59

I´m enjoying it

Jake A. Strife
17.04.2019, 19:16:38

Drew, Good to hear!

Douglass Millsap
10.04.2019, 14:54:53

very interesting, keep it up

Jake A. Strife
10.04.2019, 15:38:44

Douglass Millsap, Thanks, will do!

09.04.2019, 20:20:25

let´s see what´ll happen next

Jake A. Strife
09.04.2019, 21:48:03

Drew, Stay tuned! :)

Peter Andrews
08.04.2019, 16:45:33

great job

Jake A. Strife
08.04.2019, 17:13:16

Peter Andrews, Thank you. This is just a fun little mini-project. I'm amazed it's getting so many reads already.

John Mitchell
07.04.2019, 13:06:45

cool, continue

Jake A. Strife
07.04.2019, 17:04:05

John Mitchell, I definitely will. Thank you!

Ashley Lewel
06.04.2019, 20:12:33

will be nice to read it

Jake A. Strife
07.04.2019, 17:03:54

Ashley Lewel, Awesome. :) Glad you think so! I hope you enjoy!

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