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Book. "Mystery At The Mansion" read online

Mystery At The Mansion

Vijay Kerji

Series: Mayur Varma Mystery

Story about:mystery, detective, suspense mystery

73 3673

#790 in Mystery
#174 in Crime fiction

Sample 267 pages

Publication: 02.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "Mystery At The Mansion"

Rithika Menon, a college professor, has been murdered in her flat. At the time of the murder, her husband, Sampath Menon, is out shopping for groceries. Sampath's younger brother and his girlfriend hear Rithika screaming before she is murdered. Detective Mayur Varma decides to investigate the case.
Rithika's colleague, Ashish, lost his job when Rithika complained of sexual harassment. She complains of her neighbor's lecherous behavior to the police. Mayur finds both of them held a grudge against Rithika.
Mayur interviews all the suspects involved with the help of Prakash and his junior Aisha. Will he successfully solve the case in spite of the threats he receives on his life? Read more…..


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