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Nora's Scar

Zara Claflin

Story about:revenge, love betrayal, businesswoman

Age restriction: 18+

75 1410

#505 in Billionaires
#100 in Thrillers & Suspense

Complete 39 pages

Publication: 12.02.2021 — 28.02.2021

Description of book "Nora's Scar"

Nora Edwards, a successful businesswoman running an empire singly, a sole daughter to Edwards family. She is a self-made woman working to provide a positive change in the world. Everything was going as it should then one day, she meets a man named Issac at her birthday party.

Issac catches her, loves her, and then throws her away in the fire in greed for her money.

Miraculously, she survived. And that’s when her scar turned into someone’s karma.

Lines blur to revenge and catch the fire of her rage.


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Maureen Mutahi
29.03.2021, 18:00:58

Really cute story...i loved it

Maureen Mutahi
30.03.2021, 10:21:46

Zara Claflin, I will check it out too

Iman Waheed
15.02.2021, 13:49:04

A truly deep and thought provoking take on age, time and the effects on us all , matching up the equivalent values of the life of the youth and old and how it inenvitably just .. wanes . This shows really a unique and beautifully brilliant peace of writing . It breaks the pattern of what I usually find on here , and everyone should read this .. ??

harley quinn
18.02.2021, 23:13:20

Iman Waheed, I am so impressed with ur reading skills. Within half an hour after registering on Booknet you went through thousands of books and found this unique one. Is it a mere co incidence or was this id especially made for this purpose?

Zara Claflin
15.02.2021, 10:23:40

I’m sorry if you think it’s a copy paste but I’ve changed a lot. It’s not the same story dear.?

14.02.2021, 21:34:28

The annotation looks like it was taken from a recent video song, even the name of the actress in that song was Nora. Please tell me it's not what I think it is.

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