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Book. "Not Passing Go!" read online
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Publication: 24.09.2022 — 09.10.2022

Description of book "Not Passing Go!"

I’m ex-Army and an ex-con. I was Army first, boy and man, and, when I was laid off due to Defence budget cuts and too many NCOs whose only trade was to operate behind enemy lines and blowing stuff up, I turned to crime. That’s when I got stitched up proper by my mates. They even got to my Missus, who had twins 2 years into my 5 spent inside at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Now I’m out seeking a grubstake so I can catch up with my ex-mates and beat my share out of them. But then I ran into a name that sounded familiar, too bloody familiar, and I knew I’d run out of throws of the dice to pass Go! and collect my 200.

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02.10.2022, 21:34:03

Another excellent story. Well written and captivating!

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