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Our secret

Toky a

Story about:adventure, monsters, future

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Description of book "Our secret "

It's about a teddy bear that came from the future for the monsters from another planet, one day it was Susy's birthday teddy put his self in a gift box and knock on the door, suddenly the door, Susy was surprised who is knocking at that time. When she opens the door I find a gift outside I take the gift to the house and open it. it was a teddy bear she names the teddy ray. days by days she knows that ray is talking so he tells her everything so the adventure starts

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Pog 20.07.2019, 17:37:12

such a creative idea! i was worried you might not fully or correctly explore it, but this was very well written. definitely something i would pay for. good job. could you critique my my first chapter?

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Pog 22.07.2019, 16:31:14

Toky a, wow thanks

Roza Csergo 22.07.2019, 12:34:43

Hi. You have a long road ahead, but with time and practice, you will become better.
Just keep reading a lot, and writing even more. Telling stories in a different language is hard.
I remember very well when I started to write my stories in English.
Have one goal in mind: finishing the story. You can always come back and rewrite it.
Good luck!

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