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Rai x Frankenstein (new Adventures)

Nik the Wordsmith

Story about:noblesse, raizel, frankenstein

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Ongoing: 27 Oct 46 pages

Publication: 23.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Rai x Frankenstein (new Adventures)"

Frankestein is trying to provide peaceful and joyful life to Raizel after the Apocalypse. And he was successful for time being. But the adventures returns as an unwanted guest enters to their peaceful life on a very unlucky day. The mysteries unfold and new monsters rise, to haunt the mankind once again. Frankestein is doing his best to keep Raizel out of this fight. But will Raizel have to fight them again?

Will Raizel sacrifice his remaining lifetime to save the world which he needs to live into it?

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