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Ali Stinson is a 24yr old who has locked her heart away while trying to recover from a cheating husband. A lavish lifestyle and seemingly endless supply of sexy men to play with are attempts to fill the void of her hollow life. Ali's plan to seduce the new pool boy goes awry and sets her on a path of self discovery, changing her life in ways she never could have predicted, including the potential to find true love.

Sam Freemont has recently arrived in town seeking a fresh start and trying to eek out a living in his new circumstances. A chance encounter with a red-lipped, raven-haired beauty at his place of work turns Sam's world upside down and threatens to expose the secret he is desperately trying to hide.

Sometimes you find love only after you have lost everything else.

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Nyssa Quadros 26.01.2021, 20:42:56

Hey there,

Glad to have finally made it here! Let me start by saying that I absolutely loved the details, imagery and the care you have put into capturing the quirks of each of your characters ...You have done an excellent job of building your characters through the flashbacks!!

If there is one place I think you could perhaps consider looking into it would be going back and forth in time less often and maybe reserve it to when absolutely needed (This isn't something concrete and I don't really have a single appropriate word for it but I occasionally felt like somewhere amidst the details the main flow felt cut off) . Keep in mind that I am just speaking from a very personal perspective as a reader (for there will surely be others that disagree) and not as a seasoned writer and therefore I can be wrong here....

That being said, thank you for checking out my book. It means the world! You are an exceptional writer and I would especially love to hear your thoughts on where you think I can improve (if that isn't too much trouble) . Either way, all the very best !!

Ginnie S Chua 26.01.2021, 17:08:22

Good flow and pacing.

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