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Book. "Running Away From Him" read online

Running Away From Him

Young Yasmi

Series: Manor of Scandal

Story about:happy ending, enemytolovers, historical love

113 2286

#20 in Historical Romance
#1147 in Romance

Complete 84 pages

Publication: 29.07.2022 — 31.07.2022

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Description of book "Running Away From Him"

Brandon Ethaston's sons learned that a manor house in Scotland had been left to them by their late grandfather. They left at once and Simon, the eldest, quickly established rules, the most important of which was that the subject of the French was not to be discussed. As Janette went into hiding at Fenella's house after fleeing Paris, a golden opportunity presented itself. There were a number of counts from London who were looking for staff, but it was impossible to introduce herself, so she snuck into their house. Alas, she was caught by Simon who did not hesitate to throw her out. However, having heard of her situation, he agreed to keep her under his wing, but on one condition... To be his slave.


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Hana Liaqat
24.12.2022, 14:23:43

Nice story was worth reading

Young Yasmi
06.01.2023, 22:57:34

Hana Liaqat, Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much, it warms my heart to know you appreciated it.

Lorena Delgado
30.07.2022, 15:55:08

Hola, cómo estás?
La trama se vé interesante, voy a esperar a que avances un poco más para comenzar a leerte.
Mil gracias, un abrazo!¡

Lorena Delgado
30.07.2022, 23:29:39

Joven Yasmi, Gracias...

30.07.2022, 00:46:48

This is an amusing story. Characters are naughty and humorous. Keep it up...

Young Yasmi
30.07.2022, 08:56:29

Jojo, Thank you very much. Yess I'll do my best haha

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