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Running princess: Land of illumination

mind's pen

Story about:mysteries magic power

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Ongoing: 19 Sep 10 pages

Publication: 16.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Running princess: Land of illumination"

Abby was a city girl but she suddenly meet herself in a mysterious city on a mission to save a land, will Abby be able to fulfil the mission........

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Tosjah 19.09.2020, 23:57:30

Nice shot

mind's pen 19.09.2020, 17:03:03

Please rate my book with your stars

mind's pen 19.09.2020, 17:01:33

Hello, am a new author and I will like readers to like and comment on my books to let me know your thoughts and interset about the books. Your support is what I need, thanks.

Kehinde Jayeoba 16.09.2020, 21:12:29

Interesting I love it

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mind's pen 16.09.2020, 22:41:29

Kehinde Jayeoba, thank you

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