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Runs in the family...


Story about:family secrets, incest, innocent soul betrayal sacrifice

Age restriction: 18+

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#37 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy
#188 in Romantic erotica

Complete 55 pages

Publication: 18.03.2021 — 10.04.2021

Description of book "Runs in the family..."

Anne is left surprised as she comes to know about something she never thought she would have to go through. Who thought meeting the family of your boyfriend could be this complicated?


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John Odhiambo
15.04.2022, 03:43:43

this book made no sense at all,had no flow no wonder it had only 55 pages

Oby Amah
09.10.2021, 00:59:36

What did I just read?
Really for real?
Even the ending was so endless!!!

Jennifer Zeigler
18.08.2021, 21:53:22

I was hoping for a better ending. Anyway, this story is well written and it keeps you reading

Danny Nat
13.06.2021, 00:02:26

I don't know what to say...At least you expect some resolve in the end but there is none.

Laila Naseem
29.03.2021, 06:57:32

Triple Wow. Try kung-fu Bookz App. U will Get Loadz of Coinz .& Will be Appriciated

01.04.2021, 08:43:06

Laila Naseem, Yes everything is alright. Please do take your time.

Musa Kampamba
28.03.2021, 19:12:28

Its intriguing and amazing

29.03.2021, 09:28:25

Musa Kampamba, Thank you dear

Laila Naseem
28.03.2021, 17:20:46

The Story is Honestly Amazing 2 Read, Imagine this Story of urz in a Movie Form. Literally Keeping 1 Glued i wonder what will Happen Next. U, Dear Author & Family & Friendz & Well Wishez Stay safe & βlessed.

29.03.2021, 09:27:39

Laila Naseem, I don't really know, less than ten chapters more? I don't really plan these things. I just let my imagination take course

Laila Naseem
28.03.2021, 15:57:05

i never thought such kind of Animal soulz Xist on the Planet Earth. They r Worse then Religonous Fanaticz Living on Planet Earth. With Due Respect, 2 the Human Soulz Reading this. Stay safe & βlessed.

28.03.2021, 16:27:28

Laila Naseem, You too dear. Yes, they are the worst type of creatures. I didn't have anything in my mind first when I started with the story. I wanted to create a family which was like a brothel but I don't know why but the story took shape of the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. My story closely traces their story and I have skipped things which I don't know about them. Henry had a tradition to follow too, to produce two male heirs which led to havoc in England. Plus, Catherine and Mary 1, which were one of the victims of their weird love story got included in this story too. I don't know how the story took that shape but it did. May God bless you dear and thank you for your comments. The story will be updated tonight❤️

Laila Naseem
28.03.2021, 14:00:07


28.03.2021, 14:03:02

Laila Naseem, Thank you so much for your appreciation. I will update tonight for you ?

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