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Book. "Salvadora's deal with the immortal king" read online

Salvadora's deal with the immortal king

Lumina Shakeel

Story about:immortal king, dangerous technology, a worrior

Age restriction: 18+

5 25

#40 in Action fantasy
#230 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 01 Nov 1 pages

Publication: 08.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Salvadora's deal with the immortal king"

in the realm of mutants.

Kingdom Vadronia

Massive palace with an excellent overall design! The exterior, pristine walls were kissed by the rising sun. Untilled Flying colorful creatures spread their wings while circling the sky with the most tranquil Melody

The castle is covered in a golden plating over platinum, and every inch of it, down to the button it's all sea area which is populated with various swinging golden creatures. One White massive bridge is builded to welcome the outsiders.

The entrance is like a view of heaven, Mountain and rising sun make this snow-white palace appear to be made of gold as it opens like a gigantic Heaven Gate.

This Eternal path of beauty is ruled by King Edward, the most powerful mutant of all. He is kind and generous, mercy is his middle name, b

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Mehak Khan
29.10.2022, 09:18:43

all the best

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