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Shade in the darkness


Story about:forcemarriage, jelouse, innocent girl

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Ongoing: 27 Feb 22 pages

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Description of book "Shade in the darkness"

He is the wealthiest man in the state. He personally has 4 of the leading ranked hotels and a casino. To Ruhi, Ranaweera is a little handsome, but for others, he is the most lovely gentleman. However, Ruhi heard some rumors that he is carrying some mafia activities secretly and usually he is a playboy. Because he doesn’t prefer one woman. He has relationships with bunches of women that no one counts. These are the rumors that Ruhi heard.
She didn’t concentrate on the out. She took the headset and build up the volume, because near the library everyone shouting extremely noisily.

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Cris Naval 27.02.2021, 07:34:32

Update more?

Lakshmi Priya V 27.02.2021, 05:56:27

it's the nice story and waiting for the upcoming episodes

Dream Soul 27.02.2021, 05:11:58

Author plz do crazy update plz

Cris Naval 25.02.2021, 15:15:08

Hahhaha such funny you ruhiiiii

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RIG 27.02.2021, 01:53:52

Cris Naval, Thank youuuuu.

Smita Tiwary 26.02.2021, 08:54:06

when will you update??

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RIG 27.02.2021, 01:53:27

Smita Tiwary, Sorry for the delay dear.

Risper wanja 23.02.2021, 20:11:10

interesting very interesting

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RIG 24.02.2021, 09:03:00

Risper wanja, Thank youuuu ;)

Dream Soul 23.02.2021, 06:53:50

More updates author..story seems interesting l

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RIG 23.02.2021, 07:45:07

Dream Soul, Thank youuuuu. I will

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