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Shadowknight’s Princess


Series: ShadowKnight

Story about:magic, forest, princess

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#890 in Fantasy
#472 in Young adult

On Hold: 09 May 6 pages

Publication: 09.05.2019 — ...

Description of book "Shadowknight’s Princess "

Tarin’s adventures continue in this second book, as he seeks to solve the mystery of where his father vanished to. Along the way, he meets Adelia, the shy daughter of the Elf Queen, and whisks her away to a life she never knew existed outside the forest boundaries of her home.

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Marie Thomas 14.05.2019, 17:37:12

will you continue it?

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Marie Thomas 16.05.2019, 12:37:45

Mydnyteraven, when?

Bertha Francis 10.05.2019, 03:23:32

forest people

Korey Charles 09.05.2019, 21:06:35

yes, I´m glad you continue it

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