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Book. "Since 12 Years Ago" read online

Since 12 Years Ago

Raven Heart

Story about:billionaire heir, secret love, multiple couples

Age restriction: 18+

292 13724

#1157 in Romance
#549 in Billionaires

Complete 195 pages

Publication: 12.01.2021 — 23.01.2021

Description of book "Since 12 Years Ago"

Chen Da Xi became an orphan at age of 10. She is now part of Zhou family. She is raised like a real daughter of that family. One thing that bothers her, among the five beautiful men of the family, she felt something weird to one of them. He can make her heart flatter and beat erratically.

Zhou Zhe Han is the coldest among the five sons of Zhou Yuan and Zhou Sue. He will be inheriting the Zhou Empire and he is too busy and have no time to fall in love. On his cold eyes, truth is being hide
away. One night, an announcement from their parents will change their fate.


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he is excited of course

Pooja Singh
30.04.2021, 22:02:37

It's very cute and interesting story

Raven Heart
01.05.2021, 12:05:05

Pooja Singh, Thank you so much.

Olori Ogunaike
24.04.2021, 19:59:12


Raven Heart
25.04.2021, 15:17:53

Olori Ogunaike, Thank you for reading. Stay tuned!

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