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Publication: 12.07.2020 — 26.07.2020

Description of book "Something between us"

The simple event pushes harshal to claim his love for gayatri and both find themselves craving for each other. After claiming her once, harshal wanted to get rid of her but she decides to free herself with the drinks and ends up in front of harshal's house explaining her view of the past. His heart starts to ache after seeing his love vulnerable in front of him. His heart takes over his mind and forces him to dig into the past. As the past starts to open to them, they both find themselves to discover their own feelings for each other more and more.
They end up falling in love with each other again but now the situation asks only one question: who is truly responsible for the situation ?
Misunderstanding or they both by themselves ?

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Alex admin 22.08.2020, 22:30:02

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Adhya Mehta 26.07.2020, 12:59:58

when will we get next update??!!

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gorgeous geetanjali 26.07.2020, 17:57:35

Adhya Mehta, I have completed the book still there are some chapters are left. Stay tuned for them.
love_geetu ^_^

Divs Divya 24.07.2020, 09:14:15

Can't wait for the next update!
When we will get the update?

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gorgeous geetanjali 24.07.2020, 17:36:06

Divya Shaily, Please do check the story. I have added new chapters in it and also do check blogs on my profile. I do writes my poems on it.
love geetu ^_^

ashwini s 17.07.2020, 21:28:13

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ashwini s 17.07.2020, 19:53:48

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Amanda Martinez 15.07.2020, 07:02:13

update soon please

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gorgeous geetanjali 15.07.2020, 12:42:00

Amanda Martinez, I will tonight for sure ❤️❤️

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