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Soulmates: A life after death.


Story about:revenge, supense, love and fate

Age restriction: 18+

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#447 in Romantic erotica

On Hold: 11 Jun 26 pages

Publication: 08.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Soulmates: A life after death."

Luna: She had returned from UK. It had been one week and everything was going well......
if only that wretched night hadn't happened. A fire that night had swollowed her parents and pride. When she awakened, she found out that her parents had been murdered and she had been raped.

Arthur: He is a capable business man and heir of Brown corporati. Their family is one of the most powerful in the country. He was a warm person but his position and responsibilities turned him cold and ruthless.

In their first meeting, when he saw her she was looking pale and soulless. Unconsciously he found himself drowned in her deep ocean like black eyes. The pain he could feel emanating from her made him fall for her.

This story is about Arthur and Luna. How he fixes his broken girl and how she takes her

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farha farook
10.03.2021, 19:17:17

I really like this story and ur writing so much. nice story.

11.03.2021, 05:51:32

farha farook, Thank you

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