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On Hold: 21 Jun 18 pages

Publication: 19.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Star Matched"

Although there were no lights in the car, I could still make out the shape of his perfect Greek nose and attractive full lips. What I wouldn't give to kiss those delicious lips. But Dad had already ruined my chances. Stepsiblings didn't kiss I suppose.


“You're sure?” The tone in his voice suggested he was expecting me to speak against our parents' marriage.

“I can't stop my dad from marrying your mom.”

“So you're cool with having me as your stepbrother, huh?”

If I hadn't been secretly crushing on Andrew since middle school, maybe I wouldn't had had a problem with having him as my stepbrother. But what was I supposed to do when I turned red every time he looked at me with those killer blue eyes, or when my heart raced at the sound of his sexy voice?


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