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Stuck With Me

Farzana Tutul

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billionaire, romance and comedy, humorous


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Publication: 07.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Stuck With Me"

When Zayn reached at the alter he found that his would be bride had already left him . But , for the sake of courtesy she did leave him a letter saying, ' I Don't wanna marry a workaholic bastard like you who doesn't believe in marriage and thinks about only money all the time. And, fuck your contract paper. ' As Zayn didn't like to waste money he got married to a complete stranger. And , thought that he would divorce her after a month. But , With every passing moment, Zayn found himself in a great dilemma as the stranger was irresistibly irresistible. And, also, she was determined to change him forever

Could she succeed ?

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When the update is coming?

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I´ve added it, hope you´ll publish more soon

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I will definitely try

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seems to be interesting, please update

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Farzana Tutul 07.10.2019, 18:20:53

I will definitely try

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