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The 1/3 Vampire

Dot Writer

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vampires, family


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Description of book "The 1/3 Vampire"

Victor Sol is a parent's wet dream, well behaved, good that school, is in some sport teams, cooks and cleans the house. He never does anything wrong and always calm and on his feet. This is great for his single father who a doctor and a workaholic. But what happens when Victor finds out that his mother that walk out on his father and him was a vampire. Meets a brother he never knew he had Victor can do anything except be a vampire.

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Angel Lederhouse 25.10.2019, 21:22:43

the storyline is good, but you need to work on your grammar

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Dot Writer 11.11.2019, 20:11:43

Angel Lederhouse, Yeah, I know, Sorry.

Joko Fabela 23.10.2019, 12:39:39

English is not your native language?

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Dot Writer 11.11.2019, 20:10:26

Joko Fabela, It is but am just really bad that writing but am working on it and to be honest am more of a drawing monkey than a writing monkey.

Dot Writer 08.10.2019, 17:45:51

Hello Readers
So for this week there's two chapters because one of them is too short for my liking so you guys get two.
Dot Writer

Douglass Millsap 03.10.2019, 13:03:00

sometimes you confuse were with where

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Dot Writer 04.10.2019, 18:29:31

Douglass Millsap, I know I rushed it sorry.

Dot Writer 04.10.2019, 18:28:50

Has some of you know or not know these stories are for comic books I want to make and I am working on it. But if anyone curious on how the characters will look like or see some work, follow me on instagram at:

John Mitchell 04.10.2019, 14:43:56

I am eagerly waiting for the updates

Samuel Strock 02.10.2019, 14:21:19

At the moment I like it

Ted Charlton 25.09.2019, 14:14:17

keep updating

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Ted Charlton 26.09.2019, 18:13:31

Dot Writer, waiting :)

Anthony Sterling 14.09.2019, 20:00:38

good story

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Dot Writer 17.09.2019, 16:24:51

Anthony Sterling, thank you

Eric Phillips 17.09.2019, 12:33:56

is it possible to be 1/3?

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Dot Writer 17.09.2019, 16:24:22

Eric Phillips, I don't know but like with a story about vampires I don't think it really matters that this point but hey if you think I should change it what would you call it? Am curious.

John Mitchell 15.09.2019, 21:57:15


April Knhan 13.09.2019, 14:53:05

Victor is going to accept a lot of destinies challenges

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