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Description of book "The 5 Great Kingdom's death"

"I wanna be a sea turtle"
"So, I don't have to be killed for being in the water," said she while making her way slowly towards his hand.
"I wanna be a bird" replied he, noticing her act.
"Because then I could fly away, and not worry about keeping anyone alive. especially me"
"I thought you didn't want to live" replied she again, almost touching.
"I don't wanna live but I don't wanna die"
And then hands touched, and they shared the most beautiful and chaotic hug there ever was.
It was beautiful because they both needed it.
It was chaotic because they had to let go.

The Last of Three had been called and fear reigned the 5 Kingdoms instead of kings and queens.
The Superiors have just sentenced their last threat, murders were to be done and blood was to be spilt.


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