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The Amateur Love Part 3 : The Travel Diary


Series: The Amateur love

Story about:love, teen fiction, younglove

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Publication: 01.05.2020 — 01.05.2020

Description of book "The Amateur Love Part 3 : The Travel Diary"

The day Vishal talked to Somi about moving on, he finally felt a bit stronger and after a few days, his holidays started. And this time he had a very SPECIAL plan of spending them. He decided to go to Punjab and meet all his friends there. It was a great opportunity for him to relive the memories he had there. This part of the book tells about the journey he had, that changed everything in his life. It consists of some other ups and downs in his life. This part introduces a very special character in his life who was able to change his life forever in a very short period.


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Nilu Kuli
14.04.2021, 17:00:04

eagerly waiting for the next book

Candella Williams
19.10.2020, 05:07:02

I am loving this book so far
pls post tbe next one soon
it's gonna be a difficult wait!!

saiharshitha m s
04.08.2020, 22:12:02

Badly waiting for Next part....

31.05.2020, 22:02:16

waiting for next book man... just really love these all three books.... waiting

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