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The Beguiled Bond

Mystique Luna

Story about:werewolf, alpha, mate

Age restriction: 18+

74 697

#881 in Romantic fantasy
#685 in Romantic erotica

On Hold: 26 May 111 pages

Publication: 14.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Beguiled Bond"

Rachelle Simon, the first female battle commander from Waevalon Kingdom, has a missing piece of her life. She has no memories of where she came from or who her parents were. She has been adopted by the alpha at Dark Soul Pack. She is quite vague about her decision of accepting Claude as her mate. Claude is the older brother of her foster brother's wife and came to see his youngest sister. And that she happened to be his mate. Unfortunately. She needs to find first who she was before she can accept him in her life. What will happen if Rachelle gets to meet and see her mate again in an unexpected moment but he will not introduce himself as her mate but the newly crowned Alpha King of Waevalon Kingdom?


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10.05.2021, 03:03:34

Jesus she is playing hard to get!! Good story!! Rachel is too much stubborn!!

Beauty Angel
27.12.2020, 02:20:28

Thanks for taking your time in giving us this wonderful book

Plz update soon

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