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The Billionaire's Trap


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Description of book "The Billionaire's Trap"

Isabela Davis has a huge crush towards his friend Gavin Carter who's happened to have a drop dead gorgeous cousin named Alvaro Carter, a man hated by Isabela to the core. Alvaro is the complete opposite of Gavin—as what Isabela addressed him.

But an accident happened that changed everything big time. When Isabela opened her eyes, she's already under a Billionaire's trap.

Will she be able to accept the major changes?
Will she survive? Will she be enlightened? Will she be able to love The Billionaire? But what if she hates that Billionaire so much? Was there a room for love and affection?

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Amil Anchals 20.10.2020, 20:54:08

I think Gavin's mom meant Alvaro and Gavin I think had fallen in love with the girl whose names starts with F

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Amil Anchals 27.10.2020, 06:36:02

Shishira B Y, Mmmmmmm

Shishira B Y 27.10.2020, 00:26:51

I love this...and you have selected nice names for the characters. Can't wait to read more..

Cereza 23.10.2020, 20:37:12

I am really sorry with some typographical errors, but I'll edit all the chapters once I am done and once I completed the whole book.

Debbie Spring 20.10.2020, 15:34:59

Your book is great. Very Impressive. Keep it up! Please update more ?. Thanks ?

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Cereza 23.10.2020, 20:33:52

Debbie Spring, Thank you so much!!!!

Cereza 23.10.2020, 20:32:54

Thank you so much!

Amil Anchals 20.10.2020, 20:57:28

then?? .....

Cereza 19.10.2020, 20:50:20

New update! Enjoy reading.

Amil Anchals 09.10.2020, 13:49:06

I think Isabella loves Alvaro and it's just a coating she says that she loves Gavin

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Cereza 18.10.2020, 20:49:20

Amil Anchals, yes I am really laughing but that doesn't mean that I am joking :) I really appreciate all of you!!! Especially those who are reading and commenting to my story :) Your comment serves as my fuel to write and to continue! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

KOMAL TANWAR 13.10.2020, 20:25:49

Hey! Cereza interesting story :) Gud luck for the book girl.

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Cereza 18.10.2020, 20:46:54

KOMAL TANWAR, Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment. Hope you enjoy reading :)

Amil Anchals 09.10.2020, 13:48:16

I think the heroine likes Alv

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