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Book. "The Black Mable (the Struggle of a Black Woman)" read online

The Black Mable (the Struggle of a Black Woman)

Clara Star

Story about:blackwoman, struggle against society, struggle of a black woman

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#116 in Non-fiction
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On Hold: 11 Aug 4 pages

Publication: 11.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Black Mable (the Struggle of a Black Woman)"

This is not a romance or fictional novel
it's an inspirational one,
It's a book that tells the tales of black women and their struggle to be accepted and recognized by society.
It tells of their suffering, and how they could use that anger of being neglected for something good.
It teaches us to love ourselves, race, and color no matter what kind they are,
It informs us of the great battle fought by the formidable women of the past and present, women who paved a way for the new generation.

I understand that as a woman, no matter the pains or suffering we go through, we must learn to never give up.
If those before us fought and overcame the test of time, we would as well
with God as our backbone.

Brown skin, Black or white,
we are UNIQUE and that's all that matters.


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Aysha Winters
05.11.2022, 13:48:13

hi, why did you stop posting

Clara Star
05.11.2022, 12:23:06

Aysha Winters, Hi,
I'm still working on it dear.

Kiru diaries
11.08.2022, 16:47:14

Hey author, congratulations for your book. love to read this thaught provoking content. where everyone is busy writing romance , glad that you came up with different story.

Clara Star
11.08.2022, 16:52:10

Kiru diaries, Thanks Kiru, but its more than a story ....
I've seen a lot of brutality on women of color, even in this age, its still happening .... I just got feed up.
Thanks again

11.08.2022, 10:19:23

Can't wait to read this ..... Its not every time one has to read romance novel .... Lets see it please

Clara Star
11.08.2022, 12:00:33

clnix, Thanks

clara john
11.08.2022, 10:22:08

I would love to read this very much

Clara Star
11.08.2022, 12:00:24

clara john, Thaks

Glory Luke
11.08.2022, 11:45:15

This made me read something that happen in the past ..... what an incredible story, cant wait for the next

Clara Star
11.08.2022, 12:00:16

Glory Luke, thanks

Bariton Auguest
11.08.2022, 11:51:23

Despite being a man i know for a fact that women are not given the right they so deserve, from my mothers suffering in a white man's nation, i can tell.
Thank God things change for good after meeting my father, while some men are trash .... so are well loving and take care of their wife.
this is my first time here, I am not a fan of love books, but you have caught my attention author .... I have your fan now.
can wait for the next

Clara Star
11.08.2022, 12:00:03

Bariton Auguest, Thank you I'm glad you connected with what I'm trying to potray

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